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New Technology: IFS Advanced Femtosecond Laser

Laser lasek will improve you astigmatism Lasik Eye Surgery Technology Keeps Getting Better Technology in the field of Lasik eye surgery has been continually improving. Global Laser Vision has added the latest technological advancement to the mix with IFS Advanced...



Can I Go Through Lasik Twice?

Lasik enhancement When is an Enhancement for Lasik Needed? According to studies, 99% of patients having undergone Laser eye surgeries are satisfied with their results when performing routine daily tasks without the help of contact lenses...



Lasik and Cataracts

cataracts and lasik surgery Differences between Lasik and Cataract Surgery Lasik Eye Surgery Lasik is a popular laser eye surgery used for correcting vision in people who have astigmatism, nearsighted or farsighted. This procedure works by reshaping the...



Lasik in Relation to Age

Age factor for lasik Lasik Surgery and Age Did you know that the age of a patient can affect the type of Lasik treatment that they receive? Although the right course of treatment will depend entirely on the...



Motion Aftereffect

Motion Aftereffect How can “Motion Aftereffect” Trick Your Brain Without You Realizing it? If you are a cyclist, have you ever experienced a strange sensation when you suddenly stop after riding your bike for some time?...



Caring for your Eyes

different ways to take care of your eyes 10 Ways to Take Care of your Eyes There is no doubt that great value is placed by people on their eyes and vision. Out of the five senses, people fear losing their sight...



Ideal Candidate for Lasik

criteria for an ideal lasik candidate LASIK: Criteria to Undergo Surgery Lasik eye surgery is the most commonly performed type of surgery for laser vision correction. Lasik is a very effective and safe treatment for common vision problems. A high...



Google Glass!

google glass offers prescription frames Google Glass Now Offers Prescription Glasses By the end of April 2014, Google made an announcement that Google Glass options would be added for prescription glasses. Apparently, ever since these face-mounted computers were launched...



Lasik Inventor

Dr. Peyman, lasik inventor receiving an award by President Obama Dr. Peyman, Lasik inventor, was awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation by President Obama Dr. Gholam A. Peyman, a professor of Engineering and Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona College of...