Aug 18th, 2016 - Blog
Choosing to eat healthy foods is one of the simplest and effective steps we can take to promote vision and overall eye health. The best part? Eating healthy doesn't mean giving up on great flavors, or saying goodbye to your favorite foods. From succulent seafood to flavorful fruit, you'll find plenty of variety in the foods that benefit vision and eye health. Most of the foods on our list also benefit other parts of your body, with heart health
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Jul 28th, 2016 - Blog
The world is full of beautiful images and vibrant colors. During our early years, colors seem illuminated and crisp. As we age, these colors become less and less vibrant due to the effects of aging. As we age, we become more susceptible to glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration, and a variety of many other eye diseases that will affect the way you see images and colors. What is Glaucoma: Glaucoma is a disease that damages the optic nerves within the eyes. The
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Jun 10th, 2016 - Blog
EYE ALLERGIES It is very common to fall under the pressure of eye allergies. Allergies is defined as a damaging immune response by the body to a substance. Examples of these substances are commonly reported as pollen, fur, particular foods, dust; which then becomes hypersensitive. Believe it or not, allergies are highly common and almost everyone experiences a hypersensitive attack. What's commonly misunderstood about allergies is the fact that it not only affects the nose, but affects the eyes as
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Apr 21st, 2016 - Blog
As we age, we start to notice changes within our bodies and with our outer appearances. There are many small details that trail along with the natural aging process, for example, wrinkles and decreased physical strength. While you may take more notice of these changes from the outside, what you do not recognize are the changes happening on the inside. Not only does your strength begin to weaken, but your vision as well. The aging process is inevitable and
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Mar 14th, 2016 - Blog
As we age, our vision regresses and one might notice more dryness, blurriness, or increasing loss of vision. What patients commonly don’t know, is that all these vision complications can be prevented when started early. Of course one might be able to get a quick fix with a surgery for these issues, but it’s always healthier and safer if prevented before symptoms start. When it comes to vision, patients should know that they can help retain good vision by
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Feb 17th, 2016 - Uncategorized
Technology has changed our lives in so many different ways; from making convenience a key aspect to our lives, to making knowledge obtainable with a touch of a button. Technology make its way into our in different forms. Televisions, Ipads, Nookbooks, and computers are with us every second of the day. However, the most used are cellular devices. Although they make communication and information convenient, they also strain your eyes. Cellphones are one of the worst culprits in digital
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Jan 18th, 2016 - Blog Uncategorized
Don’t let fear cloud you from seeing life clearly! There are many questions that patients want to know before getting the LASIK procedure. Sometimes patients are confused about what the Lasik procedure is and what to expect from it. There are three main concerns that patients have when deciding to have the Lasik procedure done: 1) Is Lasik for everyone? 2) Does Lasik hurt? 3) What should I expect when going into Lasik surgery? Am I a good candidate for lasik eye surgery? If
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Dec 03rd, 2015 - Blog
“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Wayne W. Dyer Lasik is being sought out by thousands of people as an alternative to glasses and contacts. The reason for this being that they can achieve optimal vision without the use of glasses that may be hindering their everyday activities, work flow or fashion sense. Glasses break and contacts dry out, but laser eye
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Sep 21st, 2015 - Uncategorized
When meeting someone for the first time, you typically stare into their eyes. They say the eyes are the window to someone’s soul. Therefore, it’s important that your eyes are surrounded beautifully and handled with care! The biggest question to ask yourself, which would you prefer: contacts or glasses? When choosing contacts or glasses, keep in mind both comfort and fashion. Glasses 71% of Americans in the United States wear glasses. The average cost of glasses a year is $196, and
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Aug 25th, 2015 - Uncategorized
Standard Lasik In regards to corrective eye surgery, custom and standard Lasik are preformed the same way. However, standard corrective eye surgery carries less exclusive offerings as custom Lasik does. Standard Lasik takes hold of its name, Standard. It is a corrective eye surgery procedure with “average” correction throughout the eye. This procedure uses the prescription of a pair of eyeglasses, or contacts, for correction. It’s a universal prescription that is shared with those who need the same correction. This
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