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Dr. Yaghouti’s Bio

Founder, Chief Lasik Surgeon, and Medical Director: Dr. Yaghouti

Global Laser Vision San Diego LASIK Center

Dr Farzad Yaghouti, Lasik Eye Surgery Specialist

Dr. Yaghouti is a leading corneal and refractive surgery specialist educating eye surgeons from all over the world about the most recent advances in refractive surgery. He is proud
to have been the choice of fellow physicians and their wives when seeking a refractive specialist in the area of laser vision correction.

A Phi Beta Kappa high honors graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Yaghouti received his medical degree with distinction from the University of Southern California. He was a resident and chief resident of ophthalmology at Georgetown University Medical Center where he performed his first refractive procedure in 1995. He is one of only a handful of ophthalmologists who has completed a formal two year fellowship specializing in Refractive Surgery, Cornea and External Eye disease at the renowned Harvard Medical School. In fact he is the only certified refractive surgery specialist from Harvard Medical School in the state of California. Following his fellowship, Dr. Yaghouti joined the Laser Eye Center where he acted as the chief surgeon and performed thousands of laser vision correction procedures. Later, he became the president and the medical director of Global Laser Vision San Diego LASIK Center.

Laser Eye Surgery Credentials:

Dr. Yaghouti is a board-certified diplomat of the American Board of Ophthalmology and a fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. He has certifications in: Nidek PRK, VISX PRK H-PRK, and PRKa, Summit Technology PRK and PRKa, Chiron Vision C-LASLK, and Microtech Moria LASIK. He has earned prestigious scholarships and fellowships for academic achievements and ophthalmology research and won numerous awards for excellence in ophthalmology including Patient’s Choice award, America’s Top Ophthalmology award, Best Lasik Surgeon in San Diego award, Physicians Dedicated to the Health of America award, and Top Doc’s award.

Dr. Yaghouti has conducted numerous research projects in the field of cornea and refractive surgery and has written and published many articles in these areas. He has lectured and presented various significant research papers on advances in cornea and refractive surgery at national ophthalmology meetings. Furthermore, he has been distinguished for the design and development of many instruments and software used today in refractive and ophthalmic surgeries including LASIK eye surgery.

Dr. Yaghouti has been a dedicated member to a variety of professional organizations such as the

  • American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • International Society of Refractive Surgery
  • American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and
  • International Society of Online Ophthalmologists

San Diego LASIK Center’s Surgeon with Over 70,000 Lasik Procedures to Date:

For the past 14 years, Dr. Yaghouti has been able to apply his skills to treating a wide range of eye disorders. His practice specializes in LASIK, Excimer Laser PRK and PTK, Femto LASIK, Radial and Astigmatic Keratotomy, clear lens extraction, corneal transplants, no-stitch cataract surgery, pterygium excision, general eye examinations, and prescribing contact lens and glasses.  To date, Dr. Yaghouti has performed well over 70,000 laser and refractive surgical procedures and hundreds of pterygium surgeries.

In his leisure time, Dr. Yaghouti enjoys playing racquetball, painting, swimming, and composing music. In his opinion, the most fascinating aspect of ophthalmology is the new technology, patient care and the amazing ability to restore eyesight.

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