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When choosing to undergo a life changing procedure, such as Lasik eye surgery, there are many questions that are crucial to ask during the decision-making process. One important question that everyone should ask themselves is, “how do I choose the right Lasik facility?” There are many factors that go into this question. Who is the Lasik/Refractive Surgeon at the facility? Is the surgeon board certified? What technology is being used? Is the staff knowledgeable about Lasik and everything the
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Don’t let fear cloud you from seeing life clearly! There are many questions that patients want to know before getting the LASIK procedure. Sometimes patients are confused about what the Lasik procedure is and what to expect from it. There are three main concerns that patients have when deciding to have the Lasik procedure done: 1) Is Lasik for everyone? 2) Does Lasik hurt? 3) What should I expect when going into Lasik surgery? Am I a
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Standard Lasik In regards to corrective eye surgery, custom and standard Lasik are preformed the same way. However, standard corrective eye surgery carries less exclusive offerings as custom Lasik does. Standard Lasik takes hold of its name, Standard. It is a corrective eye surgery procedure with “average” correction throughout the eye. This procedure uses the prescription of a pair of eyeglasses, or contacts, for correction. It’s a universal prescription that is shared with those who need the same correction. This
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