How to Choose the Right LASIK Facility and Why.
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When choosing to undergo a life changing procedure, such as Lasik eye surgery, there are many questions that are crucial to ask during the decision-making process. One important question that everyone should ask themselves is, “how do I choose the right Lasik facility?” There are many factors that go into this question. Who is the Lasik/Refractive Surgeon at the facility? Is the surgeon board certified? What technology is being used? Is the staff knowledgeable about Lasik and everything the procedure has to offer? Does the Lasik facility have positive online reviews from previous patients? These are just a few deciding factors that go into choosing the right Lasik facility for your vision needs.

Important deciding factors when choosing a Lasik facility include:

  • Surgeon and medical staff
  • Technology
  • Patient reviews
  • Number of surgeries performed

How to Choose a Lasik Facility?


The surgeon may arguably be the most important deciding factor when choosing a Lasik facility. One should make sure that the Lasik/Refractive Surgeon is board certified, meaning that an entity recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties has certified the surgeon to practice his or her specialty. Also, make sure that the Refractive Surgeon is licensed in the state he or she is performing the procedure. It is also a good idea to ask or research how many Lasik procedures the surgeon has independently performed, and compare those numbers to other surgeons in the area.


Make sure to do your research on the technology that the Lasik facility is using. There are several different technologies that centers may use and there are many differences that contribute to precision and results achieved. For example, laser vision correction surgery can either be all-laser eye surgery or it can be blade Lasik (known as microkeratome). All Laser Lasik technology provides more benefits, such as being able to use less corneal tissue, than technology used in blade Lasik. Other factors that more advanced technology may provide are speed, safety and a more individualized correction. Here at Global Laser Vision we use the WaveLight® Refractive Suite (


Reviews from patients who have had priory Laser eye surgery at the facility you are researching can give great insight as to what to expect. What are the patients saying about their overall experience? Did these patients feel comfortable? Were they properly educated and were all of their questions answered before receiving Lasik or PRK? There are several review sites including Yelp, RealSelf and Google Plus, just to name a few.

Quantity of Surgeries Performed:

Making sure that the surgeon you choose to perform your Lasik eye surgery has experience is very important. The surgeon’s experience should include not only schooling, fellowships and a specific specialty, but should also include Laser vision correction surgeries that he or she has single handedly performed. For example, Dr. Yaghouti in San Diego has single handedly performed over 76,000 Lasik eye surgeries. Once you have found a Lasik/Refractive Surgeon that you are interested in, make sure to compare his number of laser vision correction surgeries performed to others in your area.

Choosing the right facility for your Lasik or PRK procedure is very important and should be researched careful and thoroughly. A majority of Lasik facilities, especially in San Diego, offer complimentary Lasik consultations. During a complimentary consultation you will get the chance to sit down with vision correction professionals who will be able to answer all your Lasik eye surgery question and concerns.

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