Choosing the right Sunglasses
Mar 01st, 2017 - Blog

There are many people who like to enjoy the sun’s rays on a perfectly sunny day without knowing the effect ultraviolet rays can have on one’s body. The sun can produce just as much harm as benefits to the body. UV rays are one of the main causes of skin cancer today, which is why it is imperative for those who are enjoying the sun to wear protective SPF lotions. The rays are not only harmful to skin but the eyes as well. Protective gear for the skin and eyes are important in maintaining your health. The eyes can undergo many health difficulties if they are not at least 99% protected from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

What Health Concerns are caused by UV rays?

Ultraviolet rays can cause the eyes to begin the formation of photokeratitis or even cataracts and glaucoma. Photokeratitis is painful condition caused by intense exposure to ultraviolet rays or artificial sources, much like sunburn on the eye. Exposure to ultraviolet rays has been proven to increase the development of macular degeneration, an eye disease that causes the center field of vision to deteriorate. Skin cancer along the upper lid and around the eyes is more common than other areas around the human body. Prolonged expose to the sun may cause a growth on the eye known as Pterygium, scarred tissue upon the cornea. Pterygiums can be painful and in severe cases cause vision loss if not treated in a timely manner.

Protective Eyewear

Protective eyewear has become a fashion statement over the years and is often viewed on the runway. UV sunglasses were originally designed to prevent sun damage to the eyes with detailed constructional designs. Protective eyewear is used to block the sun from the front and sides of the eyes. As fashion has progressed through the ages, many have forgotten the basic importance of the UV sunglasses. Ideal shapes and sizes of UV sunglasses have shrunk, allowing ultraviolet rays to sneak past the protective eyewear. The importance when choosing UV sunglasses is to remember its key function, which is protection. It is highly recommended to wear UV sunglasses that are thick enough to block the sun through the sides, and dark enough to block the sun rays from the front. Keep in mind, UV rays can sneak past clouds or even reflect off of mist. It is important to remain protected even during cloudy and rainy days.

How to choose the right UV sunglasses

During this current day and age, it is important to remain protected and fashionably appealing. Protective eyewear can either make or break your fashion statement. It’s helpful to understand the basics of choosing the best shape and design when choosing UV sunglasses. When choosing UV sunglasses the general rule of thumb is to choose a shape opposite of your face shape and investing in basic protective eyewear shapes that will allow each to be used with any look. Here are some simple, yet useful tips when choosing sunglasses:
• Square face shapes: This face shape is distinguished by having strong jawlines that are the same width as the forehead with a small undefined chin. This face shape is ideal with round UV sunglass frames that help soften the strong facial features. This face shape is ideal with classic aviator shapes.
• Round face shapes: The key feature in the rounded face shape is the widened cheeks. These shapes are by no means angular. Round face shapes are softer with more subtle features than those with squared facial shapes. UV sunglasses that are rectangular compliment the round face shapes by adding definition to their subtle features.
• Oval face shapes: Oval shaped faces are described as being longer than wide. With this face shape it is best to not have glasses that extend past the widest part of your face.
• Triangle face shape: A triangular face shape is defined by having a forehead that is larger than your chin. Rectangular sunglasses are advised for this type of face shape in order to balance out the forehead to chin ratio. Smaller features lead to smaller lenses, but if sporting prominent features larger lenses can be used.
Always remember the key function of UV sunglasses and keep the overall health of your eyes protected. Comprehensive eye exams are needed on a yearly basis to ensure your eyes are healthy and are used to discover health concerns before it’s too late. The earlier the health concern is caught, the better chance of healing there is and the less chance your vision may be lost.

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