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At Global Laser Vision, we are committed to helping patients in San Diego improve their quality of life through advanced vision correction. LASIK is a popular vision correction surgery that can correct a range of vision issues to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses. The vision correction specialists at our San Diego LASIK practice offer all-laser, blade-free LASIK in a welcoming and patient-centered environment.

How Does LASIK Work?

LASIK, which stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, is a laser eye surgery that reshapes the cornea in order to improve vision. Your cornea is the clear front surface of your eye. Many vision imperfections, including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, occur because the shape of the cornea does not allow light to properly filter toward the back of the eye. LASIK utilizes laser technology to precisely reshape the cornea to allow light to enter the eye at the proper angle for improved vision.

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What Does LASIK Correct?

LASIK is a refractive surgery intended to correct refractive errors. A refractive error is the medical name for some of the most common vision issues, which occur when the shape of the cornea does not allow light to refract properly toward the retina, which is a part of the eye which transfers images to the optic nerve. Refractive errors that can be corrected by LASIK include:

  • Myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, creates difficulty seeing at far distances
  • Hyperopia, commonly known as farsightedness, creates difficulty seeing at near distances
  • Astigmatism is a common refractive error that causes blurry or distorted vision at all distances

Benefits of LASIK

  • LASIK can reduce or eliminate dependence on glasses and contact lenses
  • Over 98% of LASIK patients report satisfaction with their results
  • LASIK surgery is an outpatient procedure with minimal recovery time
  • LASIK can help you save time by streamlining your morning routine
  • LASIK may result in long-term savings when accounting for the potential of lifetime savings on contacts and glasses

Why Choose Global Laser Vision For Your San Diego LASIK?

  • Experience Our experienced LASIK surgeon, Dr. Yaghouti, is a board-certified ophthalmologist and corneal specialist with extensive training and over 20 years of experience in refractive surgery.
  • Technology We offer blade-free, all-laser custom LASIK utilizing the precision and accuracy of the WaveLight® Ex500 Excimer Laser and WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser.
  • Personalized Care Our staff will take the time to educate you on your options and create a personalized treatment plan to ensure that your custom LASIK procedure fits your vision needs and meets your expectations.
  • Affordable Financing The cost of LASIK in San Diego can vary based on your individual vision and we can work with you to help fit LASIK in your budget. We partner with independent medical lenders to offer qualified patients a variety of financing options.

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