What is Farsightedness?
Mar 14th, 2014 - Blog


You have probably heard someone complain about blurry “near vision” and use the term “farsighted.” Farsightedness is one of the situations that may be treated with laser surgery. Global Laser Vision can help you understand how farsightedness can be treated and how laser surgery fixes this problem.

What Is Farsightedness?

Farsightedness is also known as hyperopia. It is a condition in which people can see objects far away but have trouble seeing things when they are close. Farsightedness is caused by an eyeball that is too short, causing the image to fall behind the optic nerve, or a cornea that does not have enough curvature. Most people who suffer from farsightedness notice that they have headaches after working on close jobs, trouble focusing, or even irritability after sustained concentration on a particular job.

How Is Farsightedness Diagnosed?

It is more difficult to detect farsightedness in children than nearsightedness. Most school vision screenings are not effective in identifying this problem, so it is important to have children tested if they seem to be exhibiting symptoms of nearsightedness such as an unwillingness to do close work.

Hyperopia tends to set in with age. Even people who had normal vision as young people may lose their “near vision,” particularly after the age of 40. This is usually a gradual process, so you may notice that you are holding reading material farther and farther away or that you have trouble seeing a menu, for example. Simple reading glasses can solve this issue, but for those who want a more permanent solution, laser surgery may be the answer.

Laser surgery uses a computer to operate a laser with the help of a doctor. The procedure reshapes the eye’s cornea so that the eye sees the light in a different way, correcting the vision problem. Many patients find that laser surgery can cause them to have 20/20 vision without corrective lenses.

However, laser surgery is not the right solution for every eye issue. For example, the doctor may want to wait for a bit if your close vision is still degenerating. You should have a stable prescription for at least one year before laser surgery becomes an option.

Global Laser Vision in San Diego can help you understand how laser surgery can treat your hyperopia or other eyesight issues. Contact Global Laser Vision today and learn how you can benefit from laser eye surgery!

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