Gregg Ohan

“This was a life changing experience! I?ve wanted to have this procedure done for years, but due to the expense, I was never able to afford the $3500-$4000 fees being quoted to me by other eye doctors (at San Diego Lasik Institute and Dr. Feldman’s practice) . I even considered financing the laser eye surgery procedure, but I just did not like the idea of paying high interest for many years?.Dr. Yaghouti made this possible for me by keeping his Lasik prices reasonable and affordable! I am thrilled and I feel I owe him a great deal of gratitude for changing the quality of my life by giving me 20/15 vision! I?ve never seen this well and I will tell everyone that has correctable eye vision to come to this clinic! Also ? one of the negative points other eye doctors had told me I would experience in a clinic where the doctor only charges so much an eye is that there would be a cattle call approach to the eye care ? you?d see different doctors, have different people orienting you, be with a group of patients all waiting together?.like these things were going to be a bad thing. My feeling is your office is extremely well defines ? there is no need to have the surgeon holding your hand through all pre-op and post-op procedures and orientations. Your staff and doctors are kind considerate and knowledgeable. The experience was very enjoyable and so easy! Again ? I am thrilled. You?ve changed the quality of life and for this, I thank you.”

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