Halos After Lasik Surgery
Feb 02nd, 2014 - Blog

Night Halos and Glares

What causes these halos/glares?

The main culprit with excessive halos and glare after surgery is usually the pupil size in a dark environment.  The pupils are formed by the colored part of the eye the iris.  It is an aperture similar to a camera that contracts and expands to allow more or less light into the eye depending on amount of light available.  The pupil gets larger with low light (i.e. night driving) and smaller with increased lighting (i.e. daytime conditions) the size of the pupil can vary in each individual patient in light and dark environments.  The larger pupils tend to experience more halos/glare at night and can continue to be bothersome even years after surgery.  The issue of halos/glare after surgery can be bothersome in some patients, however, it is a temporary issue in most that dissipates or completely resolves 3-6 months out of surgery.  However, with newer laser technologies and larger treatment zones, the incidence of halos/glare has become insignificant for most part.

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