Herman Yadao

“I was nervous before the surgery, not knowing exactly how the surgery would turn out. During the surgery, the nervousness I felt went away. All through the surgery, Dr. Yaghouti explained to me what he was doing and what I would be seeing. The surgery was painless! After approximately 2 minutes, Dr. Yaghouti said, Right eye is done and after another 2 minutes he said, Left eye is done. We?re finished. When he looked at both eyes right after the surgery he said, Both eyes perfect. I felt so relieved and very excited. There was very little discomfort. When I woke up the next day after the surgery, I was so excited. Everything was in focus. I could see without wearing my glasses. I have worn glasses for approximately 25 years and Dr. Yaghouti gave me my independence from these glasses. I feel like a totally different person. I would like to thank Dr. Yaghouti and the staff of GLV. I really appreciate what they?ve done for me.”

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