LASIK: How to take the first steps
Dec 03rd, 2015 - Blog

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Wayne W. Dyer

Lasik Eye Surgery is being sought out by thousands of people as an alternative to glasses and contacts. The reason for this being that they can achieve optimal vision without the use of glasses that may be hindering their everyday activities, work flow or fashion sense. Glasses break and contacts dry out, but laser eye surgery does not! The benefits that come with having Lasik eye surgery are countless, and the procedure takes only minutes with minimal to no pain, and very little to no down time.

When thinking about getting laser eye surgery there are several steps that individuals should take in order to get the best out of their Lasik procedure! First, it’s essential to research and compare the Lasik surgeons in your area:

This research will help you find the best Lasik surgeon in your area based off important factors, and will help you make the right decision based on your unique needs and wants.

After researching and looking at the background of potential Lasik surgeons, it’s important that you narrow down your selection and visit a couple different facilities. We suggest to visit laser eye surgery facilities around your area first before you think long distance. By having you Lasik procedure performed at a clinic close to you, it will make it easier to visit for follow ups and future appointments following your laser eye surgery San Diego. Also, always check the reviews on the clinic before moving forward with your decision. Even though the facility might look elegant and fresh, employee’s attitudes and experience level may not be exposed on the first visit. With that being said, it’s a good idea that you use peer reviews when searching for the facility that is right for you. Another factor to take into account is your comfort level and the environment of the Lasik clinic. Did the staff accommodate your needs and answer all you questions? Did the doctors make you feel comfortable? All of these steps will help you decide which Lasik facility is right for you!

Not everyone is a good candidate for laser eye surgery. Some prescriptions are too low or are even too high. It’s important that once you have chosen your ideal facility that you obtain a comprehensive eye exam. This exam will test the overall health of your eye, corneal tissue density, and determine if you’re a candidate or not. After the comprehensive eye exam you will be meeting with a financing coordinator who will be reviewing pricing and financing options. During this time, ask questions. An important question may be: “What’s covered in the surgery cost?” Depending on the facility they may or may not have included numbing drops, antibiotic drops, anti-inflammatory drops, and yearly exams within the overall surgery cost. Some facilities do not include these products in their surgery cost. It’s important that you know the process of the surgery, the before care, after care, and what is included in the overall cost.

After going through all the essential steps listed above, you’re ready for your Laser eye surgery San Diego!  When you arrive to the Lasik facility on the day of your surgery, you will be taken through a number of steps:

  • You will receive an eye exam, once again, where the doctor will double check the numbers and ensure there are no complications with the prescription.
  • The doctor’s surgical techs will administer numbing drops into your eyes, and test the numbness.
  • Optional medication may be administered to calm nerves and relax the patient.
  • Time for your laser eye surgery San Diego!

Immediately after Laser eye surgery, a majority of patients will be able to see clearly, while others vision will continue to improve over the following days. Right after surgery it is imperative for the patient to close their eyes for the first four hours, a lot of doctors will then recommend to take a nap or sleep for four more hours. You will be given anti-biotic drops, anti-inflammatory drops, and aspirin with codeine for any discomfort you may feel.  Take the anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory drops exactly as the doctor directs, as it is important to the healing process of your eye. The drops and medication are more for the discomfort you may feel rather than the actual healing itself.

The next day following your laser eye surgery you will be required to revisit your Lasik clinic for a Post-op examination. During your post-op visit the doctor will test your vision, and go through a preliminary exam to ensure that your eyes are still in great health and healing properly. If you are tired of wearing glasses and contacts and are looking to explore a different option, Lasik may be the right choice for you! Lasik has been changing lives all over the world, and has created a new path for those with imperfect vision. It’s time to turn that imperfect vision around! The actual laser eye surgery procedure takes only five minutes per eye and the road to recovery is just a blink of an eye away. Have your laser eye surgery done one day, and return to work the next. Global Laser Vision recommends laser eye surgery San Diego to anyone who struggles with glasses or contacts. It’s time to feel the freedom of not having to rely on objects to see clearly. You only live life once, and it passes by quickly; why not see it clearly?

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