Leigh Ducos

“For a great number of years (29 to be exact), I have required the assistance of glasses to the point of not being able to survive on a daily basis without them. I very recently, underwent laser vision correction with Dr.Yaghouti of Global Laser Vision, and cannot praise Dr. Yaghouti and his outstanding support staff enough for the wonderful job they did before, during, and after my surgery. Being able to wake up in the morning and actually see the face of my partner laying next to me, without having to hunt for my glasses, is such a blessing in and of itself. It?s only been three days, but this surgery has already made such a profound difference in my quality of life. I would most definitely recommend this surgery to anyone, and more particularly, I would recommend Dr. Yaghouti and Global Laser Vision. Thank you so much for changing the way I see the world around me.”

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