New Technology: IFS Advanced Femtosecond Laser
Jan 26th, 2015 - Blog

Lasik Eye Surgery Technology Keeps Getting Better

Technology in the field of Lasik eye surgery has been continually improving. Global Laser Vision has added the latest technological advancement to the mix with IFS Advanced Femtosecond. This advanced technology not only allows for optimal customization, but also allows our doctor to better correct the patient’s vision, enhance the areas they struggle with most, and offer the best opportunity to increase visual perception. So, what exactly is IFS advanced laser? How does it work? What are the benefits of this latest technology in the field of laser eye surgery? We will introduce a few of the benefits and details below.

What is the IFS laser?

The latest fifth generation IFS laser device, allows the surgeon to have greater ability to fully customize a laser eye surgery procedure for each patient, and the issues they need resolved with their vision. The fifth generation model is an improvement upon the fourth generation Intralase. It has the same safety settings in place, however it allows the surgeon to perform the procedure at an increased speed, with lower energy output, which helps reduce tissue inflammation. The IFS laser is fully customizable to every patient’s needs, and allows the surgeon to create a custom corneal flap in less than 15 seconds.

How exactly does it work?

In this iLasik procedure, the Intralase is the first of two lasers that are used to perform the procedure. It replaces the traditional blade, helping to eliminate danger to the patient, and reducing the need to make a cut during the procedure. This first laser is used to create the flap in the cornea.

The second part of the procedure is when the vision is corrected. The advanced customvue technology can treat a wide range of vision problems. This can include issues ranging from nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and those who suffer from an astigmatism.
Additional features of the latest IFS model include:
– A high resolution digital video microscope.
– Touch screen allowing the surgeon to maneuver quickly and accurately.
– An ergonomic design.
All of these advancements allow surgeons to reduce errors and increase the patient’s comfort when they undergo Lasik.

Flap architecture innovations

Two major innovations are brought to the forefront of our practice with the new IFS laser, which are: an inverted bevel in cut and elliptical shaped flaps. These along with the quicker repetition rates and spot line separation that is tighter, makes this the most intuitive and versatile tool in our practice. It allows our surgeons to preserve the corneal innervation plus it allows for quicker post operation healing. The inverted cut provides up to 150 degrees for improved biochemical stability. The elliptical flap option maximizes the stromal bed exposure. The tighter separation provides a smoother stromal bed and effortless flap lift. And the low energy used per pulse reduces inflammation as well as tissue response rate after surgery.

What the laser allows surgeons to do

IFS advanced femtosecond allows surgeons to have a higher degree of precision and customization than any other device or technology in the past. It allows:
– For a safer procedure by eliminating complications which were caused by bladed microkeratome.
– Guarantees precision with an all-laser solution for Lasik (no more need for cutting with a blade).
– Dryness is also reduced after surgery.
– Reduced levels of pressure placed on the eye, increasing the patient’s comfort level, and also increasing the safety levels of performing the procedure.
– Thinner flaps can be created freeing up more tissue, allowing the surgeon to operate on patients with thinner corneas.

The chances of 20/20 vision are also increased when using this laser for Lasik. Not only does using this device cut the amount of time it takes to perform the procedure, it also increases precision, reduces post-surgery pain and inflammation, and allows the surgeon to fully customize the procedure, based on the patient’s individual needs for vision correction.

What are the advantages of this new laser technology?

Probably as a patient you are simply thinking right now that this new technology simply means “I am going to pay more for Lasik eye surgery right?” It may be true in some offices, especially as it is the newest technology out there, but it will even out with all of the benefits (for the patient as well as the surgeon). These benefits include:
– A faster procedure (the flap can be cut in less than 15 seconds), meaning more comfort and less pain during the procedure for patients.
– The ability to make the inverted in-bevel as well as the corneal flap option. This results in stronger flap adhesion, and lessens the chance of striate (wrinkles) post operation.
– The corneal flap can also be created in elliptical shape, which has shown that patients with an astigmatism will greatly benefit from this enhanced feature.

The customized corneal capabilities

Surgeons can create: an anterior side cut, full lamellar cuts, a full thickness anterior side cut, a ring lamellar cut, or posterior side cut. No other technology has the surgeon had as many options when performing laser eye surgery. With these different options, not only can the ophthalmologist create the perfect custom flap to help enhance your vision, but will also be able to increase the precision of the cut they are making during the procedure. In turn, you will notice better vision, fewer scars and marks, when this technology is used to do your laser eye surgery procedure.

The benefits of the world’s most advanced IntraLase

What does the world’s most advanced technology in Lasik eye surgery offer over other previous methods? As mentioned above. It is safer, it is more accurate, it is faster, and more patients are eligible for the procedure.
1. Faster – In fact, it is up to three times faster than its predecessor model. Flap creation can now be done in a matter of seconds, as opposed to 30 seconds which was the case with the fourth generation model. This means less suction time for the eye, making the entire procedure faster, more accurate, and far safer for the patient who chooses this method for their laser eye surgery.

2. Safer – The IFS Advanced Femtosecond laser uses a reverse entry angle to make the incision. This is not only far superior to what the fourth generation model did, it also helps strengthen the cornea, and the eye flap will be better maintained once the procedure is completed. The end result is a safer procedure, and improved healing once surgery is completed.

3. More patients eligible – With the fourth generation iLasik, as well as previous laser eye surgery, not every patient was a good candidate for the procedure to be performed. Although not every patient is going to be eligible for IFS procedure, far more patients are good candidates to have this procedure completed. Because the IFS can create highly customized flaps, patients who were untreatable in the past are now potential candidates. This includes individuals who have an astigmatism, those who have thinner corneas, and other patients who were not ideal candidates for Lasik in the past. This means improved vision for more people, and the ability to enhance vision to 20/20 for those who never would have had the option in the past.

Advanced CustomVue Technology

Advanced CustomVue laser is used for the second portion of the surgery. It is were vision correction takes places. There are a number of benefits for this technology as well. Some of these include:

1. Customization – The measurements used in this procedure are 25 times more precise than the standard measurements for eyeglasses and contact lenses. The advanced technology is computer guided, and is customized so that is totally unique for each set of eyes it treats. Each patient will truly have a 100% customized laser eye surgery performed, resulting in far better vision correction.

2. Precision – The most advanced eye tracking that has ever been available in Lasik is available with this laser. The laser will automatically react to the smallest movement of the eye during the surgical procedure. This means it literally “locks” onto the eye, for optimal precision, and to guarantee the best results possible with each procedure that is performed for the patient.

3. Safety – When the laser pulse rate is fully customized for every patient over different areas of the eye as well as the surrounding areas of the eye tissue are further preserved and protected. This means having a much safer procedure.

Our office now offers this new technology to patients!

With the most advanced technology in the world, IFS advanced femtosecond is far better than any other form of Lasik that has ever been introduced in the past. Because of this, we would like to extend this option to our patients when they choose our clinic to have their laser eye surgery done. The technology is better than anything we have seen in the past, meaning the results are going to be far greater than anything we have ever been able to offer to our patients previously.

For patients who have ever considered corrective eye surgery, now is the time to have it done! By offering the 5th generation laser to our patients, our highly skilled surgeon, Dr. Yaghouti, can produce the best possible outcome for them. Not only will your eyes look better, with the custom flap option that the surgeon now has, but your vision can be corrected, and in many cases can reach levels of 20/20.

If you are interested in learning more about the technology, why it is so far ahead of anything we have offered in the past, or would like to schedule your consultation, please call or visit our office today! We are proud to offer this option to our patients, and hope to be able to assist you, and help in correcting your vision, with the best and latest in technology, via the IFS advanced femtosecond laser we offer in our office today!

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