Nicole Kidman Decided to Get Lasik
Aug 07th, 2014 - Blog

Lasik Eye Surgery Is Popular Among Celebrities

Nicole Kidman may be one of the world’s most beautiful and glamorous celebrities, but she wasn’t blessed with perfect vision. In fact, the Australian actress – famous for starring in movies such as Eyes Wide Shut, The Others, The Interpreter, and Moulin Rouge – had Lasik surgery to correct her vision. Kidman told Marie Claire magazine in 2007 that she was “walking around legally blind” before she had the surgery. However, things changed for the better when she underwent laser eye surgery to correct her vision: “Now I have 20/20 vision!” Kidman told the magazine… “I can’t believe I spent so many years blurry!” The actress went on to say that she now notices when people are watching her and can now smile back at people if they were to wave to her.

Lasik Surgery Helped Nicole Kidman in Her Career, How May It Help You?

Lasik surgery is becoming an increasingly popular treatment among men and women of a wide range of ages who want to correct their vision. The procedure is cost-effective and can help improve the vision of people who suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, or have astigmatism. Studies reveal that 96% of patients who have undergo the surgery have report an improvement in their vision soon after the procedure, and because no bandages or stitches are needed, Lasik surgery has a quick recovery.

Some Benefits of Lasik Include:

1. Correcting eyesight

If you suffer from a refractive error, laser eye surgery can potentially provide you with a long-lasting and painless solution, giving you the vision that you have always wanted. This can help if you want to rely on your vision without the use of glasses or contact lenses while working, just like Nicole Kidman does. Patients usually notice eyesight improvement immediately or the day after their surgery. Since some patients vision may change over time, adjustments can be made in order to correct the change in prescription.

2. You will minimize or eliminate your need for contact lenses or glasses

You don’t have to be a celebrity to have LASIK! With Lasik you could reduce or eliminate your dependency on contact lenses or glasses. Many patients express how they gain confidence in themselves after receiving Lasik because they no longer have to wear glasses.

3. Lasik eye surgery is very effective and safe

Patients will meet with their surgeon before their vision correction procedure and will discuss what to expect after the surgery. The Lasik surgeon will ask about medical history before performing various eye tests, such as measuring refraction, pupil size and the thickness of the cornea to determine candidacy. Before this evaluation, contact lenses have to be taken out in order to get a more reliable measurement. Good candidates can then make a Lasik eye surgery appointment after having completed their consultation and discussed all their options with their Lasik surgeon. San Diego Lasik Center Global Laser Vision offers complimentary Lasik consultations. Call us at 1-800-GET-LASIK to schedule your consultation to see if you are an eligible candidate for Lasik Eye Surgery.

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