Preservative-Free Artificial Tears After Lasik Surgery
Jul 01st, 2013 - Blog

Prevent Ocular Irritation During Healing

Preservative-free artificial tears

In general, preservative-free artificial tears are recommended for the first six to eight weeks following Lasik surgery. The reasoning for no preservatives during the initial healing period is that a large percentage of the population can get ocular irritation with preserved artificial tears. In extreme cases of preservative sensitivity, the corneal surface can become very irritated, causing a blurring of vision, burning, or itchy sensations. After six to eight weeks, preserved artificial tears may be used as long as no reaction is observed. Your Lasik staff should provide you with recommendations for the correct medications and artificial tears to use during the pre/post operative period. Visit Global Laser Vision for your Lasik consultation in San Diego today.

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