Staring At a Computer All Day?
Aug 12th, 2014 - Blog

Computer Vision Syndrome: Do You Suffer from It?

It is very likely that your workday consists of spending many hours staring at the computer. Consistent and prolonged computer use can cause a variety of eye problems that are categorized under computer vision syndrome (CVS). Many people develop eyestrains and related vision problems when exposed to viewing a screen for long periods. If you are suffering from some of these problems, you are not alone. According to research, anywhere between 50% and 90% of individuals experience some symptoms of eye trouble when working at a computer screen for extended periods. Even if you are not a working individual you might still be prone to CVS. If you use computers at school or play games on it, you can still experience eye discomfort, especially if your computer’s position and lighting are not completely ideal.

How Is Vision Affected By The Computer Screen?

Computer vision syndrome is like any repetitive stress injuries that can be sustained at work. It happens when the same motion is being carried out over and over again. As in the case with repetitive stress injuries, continuing the activity for longer periods of time may lead to temporary worsening of the eye sight. When you are looking at a screen, your eyes continuously have to focus at near (accommodate), and the blinking rate goes down. If you do a lot of typing, your eyes have to repeatedly move between looking down at papers and then looking back up at the computer screen in order to type. Your eyes have to accommodate to the images on the screen that keep on changing so that a clear picture is created so that it can be interpreted by the brain.

The eye muscles are used to fulfill all of these functions. In comparison to reading a book or a piece of paper, the eyes are challenged to work more when looking at a screen, since the elements of contrast and glare are also added.

The older an individual gets, the more difficult it is to stare at a computer for a long period of time. The flexibility of the lens of your eyes will keep decreasing with age. At the age of forty to forty five, nearly all individuals may end up suffering from a condition known as presbyopia, in which the focusing power of the natural lens on near objects gets lost.

What Symptoms Can This Syndrome Cause?

Regular computer use can lead to eyestrain and dry eye syndrome which can present with symptoms of eye tiredness, blurriness, irritation, tearing, or light sensitivity.

When it comes to computer usage, many people don’t have much of a choice since many jobs nowadays require working on computers for extended periods of time. However, there are things one may consider doing to diminish the symptoms of CVS. For example, taking frequent breaks to rest the eyes, remembering to blink consciously at times while on the computer, and the use of artificial tears as needed for treating eye dryness in those already suffering from dry eye syndrome.

Patient who undergo Lasik eye surgery may still continue to experience CVS following their Lasik procedure. That is the reason, many Lasik doctors recommend the use of artificial tears at least for three months following Lasik procedure to all those patients who tend to be on the compute for extended periods following their procedures.

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