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Do you suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism?

Do you find glasses or contacts cumbersome or uncomfortable, and wish you could reduce their use or discard them?

If you answered “YES” to either of these questions, you may be a good candidate for LASIK or other vision corrective surgeries here at San Diego LASIK Center.  Before the decision can be made however, you must have an eligibility exam and consultation. The doctor will ask questions about your medical history and perform a thorough eye exam designed to determine if the LASIK procedure is appropriate for your individual case. The doctor will also talk about the benefits, risks, available options and preparation and recovery associated with your LASIK surgery to ensure that your goals and expectations are realistic.

To be a candidate for laser vision correction in San Diego you should:

  • Be at least 18 years of age or older
  • Have stable vision for a year prior to the LASIK procedure
  • Be free of certain diseases of the cornea and retina
  • Be in good general health

Aside from these general requirements, we recommend you have a number of visual tests to determine whether you are a candidate for LASIK here at Global Laser Vision. It is important for you to realize that even if it is determined that you are not a candidate today, it does not mean that you will not be a candidate in the future. LASIK technology is constantly advancing! However, laser vision correction is not for everyone, and some patients (for example, those with certain diseases of the eye involving the cornea or retina) will never be candidates. The best way for you to find this out is by having a thorough examination with one of our surgeons at San Diego’s LASIK Center, Global Laser Vision.

A thorough eye exam includes visual acuity, a refraction to determine your refractive error (this is what we use to base our treatment with the laser on), pupil tests, tonometry, slit lamp examination, topography, Wavefront analysis, Pachymetry, and a dilated eye exam. The eye exam includes microscope evaluation of external and internal eye structures for cataracts, corneal disease, retinal disease, and glaucoma. In addition, corneal topography machines are used to give us a full computer analysis of the curvatures of the cornea. The Pachymetry test measures the thickness of the cornea and gives true information used in the surgical planning for the LASIK procedure.

LASIK surgery here at San Diego’s Global Laser Vision Center approximately takes two hours for your eye exam, which will include dilation, patient education, and counseling. Some patients may require longer visits and/or follow-up appointments. The eye health exams include pupil dilation, which allows the doctor a full view of your internal eye structures. In most cases, strong dilation drops are used which temporarily blurs your near vision (3-4 hours). This test helps prevent over corrections after laser vision correction. Length of dilation varies between patients depending on individual body chemistry and sensitivity. Distance driving vision is rarely altered. Dilation temporarily prevents pupil constriction; thus, it is normal to experience light sensitivity. Sunglasses are thus provided to make your drive home more comfortable.

You are not a good candidate if you have degenerative or autoimmune diseases, if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have a condition that deters or slows healing.

What to bring to your initial exam:

  • Prescription glasses
  • Prescription sunglasses
  • Please DON’T wear your soft contacts for 4 days prior to the exam.
  • Please DON’T wear your Toric soft contact lenses for 2 weeks prior to your exam.
  • Don’t wear hard or gas-permeable lenses for four weeks prior to the exam.
  • List of all medications
  • List of medical and general allergies
  • Records from your previous eye doctors. (Old prescriptions)
  • Working distance measurements for custom glasses (i.e. computer, crafts, piano)
  • Insurance information

All of your important follow-up care can be provided by one of the surgeons at San Diego LASIK Center® Global Laser Vision or by your optometrist. Co-management is when you choose to have your follow-up care done by your optometrist. However, Global Laser Vision has its own optometry department making LASIK experience that much more convenient!

Your optometric physicians role is to:

Here at GLV San Diego Lasik Center we educate you about the laser and your other vision correction alternatives as well as provide your post-procedure and follow-up care  (when or if you can’t come to Global Laser Vision directly).

Aside from LASIK surgery, our optometry department will prescribe glasses or contact lenses for any visual problems not treated (e.g. reading glasses for presbyopia), or those needed between treatments.

Our doctors will also monitor the health of your eyes, on an ongoing basis!

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