Intralase® LASIK Surgery

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All-Laser Bladeless Laser Eye Surgery

The decision to have LASIK surgery is a big one, so we take great care to determine what’s best for you as our patient. That’s why the Lasik industry offers advanced technology so Lasik Patients can receive all-laser Lasik for a 100% bladeless LASIK treatment!

Intralase Lasik has been used successfully on hundreds of thousands of eyes and is a trusted advanced Femtosecond Lasik procedure to deliver exceptional results. LASIK with Femtosecond intralase technology can offer increased safety, comfort and precision, and is just one technological advancement step that can help you achieve 20/20 vision!

With intralase Lasik, a beam of laser light is used to create a corneal flap which is then lifted, so the second step of LASIK, the reshaping of your cornea, can be performed. When your LASIK treatment is over, the flap is securely repositioned into place.

How the Femtosecond Intralase Laser Method Works

Intralase technology is able to uniquely program the dimensions of your corneal flap based on what’s best for your individual eye. Then the Femtosecond intralase laser creates your flap from below the surface of the cornea without ever using a blade. Some may call this part of the LASIK procedure Femto Lasik which refers to the use of Femtosecond Laser in performing Laser Eye Surgery.

  • The Femtosecond laser produces ultrafast pulses of laser light to position microscopic bubbles at a precise depth predetermined by your surgeon within the central layer of the cornea.
  • The laser then passes harmlessly through your cornea, moving back and forth across your eye in a uniform plane.
  • Next, the Femtosecond laser stacks bubbles around your corneal diameter to create the edges of your flap. These bubbles are stacked at an angle that is predetermined by your doctor and is individualized to the way your eye is shaped.
  • The process takes only about 6 seconds from start to finish – it’s quiet and it’s comfortable.
  • Your doctor then gently lifts a portion of the flap to allow for the second step of your LASIK treatment. When treatment is complete, the flap easily “locks” back into position and rapidly begins to heal.

“Because of the superior accuracy of Femotsecond technology. Certain patients who were ineligible for LASIK may now be able to have treatment. Ask your doctor today if you are a candidate.”

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