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Pterygium (Carnosidad) is a type of tissue that grows over the eye starting from the nasal area and grows toward the cornea. This growth can be dangerous because it can affect vision, cause the eye to be dry, as well as cause a poor appearance. Sadly, there has never been a cure for this condition and people suffering from a pterygium were advised to live with the problem. However, advancement in technology and medicine has made treating this condition possible. One can now visit our pterygium removal doctors at Global Laser Vision San Diego and get the relief one deserves!

There are no serious side effects of a pterygium, but if you notice the beginning of one, it is important to see our San Diego eye surgeons to make sure it is not something more serious. If you are looking for methods of pterygium removal, the only one is surgery. However, many people are against this method because the rate of reoccurrence is much higher. There have been technological advancements made to reduce this risk, but the results remain similar.

pterygium removal surgery in san diego

In order to lessen the chances of pterygium coming back faster and larger, surgery with an auto-graft has been developed. This advancement in the surgical procedure has greatly improved the results of previous surgeries, however, there is still some risk of the pterygium returning. With the auto-graft, the space where the pterygium had occurred is filled in with tissue so there is no room for other tissue to grow in the missing place.

How to help prevent a pterygium from happening:

Pterygium can be prevented. Although there are no known causes of the condition, it is likely related to overexposure of UV rays or environments that would cause the eye to be dry or dusty. The eye is an extremely sensitive organ and it may be difficult for it to adapt to these conditions in a healthy way. Pterygium often develops in order to protect the eye by forming a callus around it. If you are forcing your eyes to work extra hard, they will eventually begin to feel the effects.

If you are looking for pterygium removal techniques, you are not only limited to surgery. There are many ways that are far less painful and can help you tolerate the dryness and fatigue; surgery is only suggested as a last resort. If the pterygium is mild, using articficial tears can help treat it. Even when the eye becomes enflamed, creams can be used to help with the discomfort. However, if you find you are not responding to any of these treatments, you may want to consider surgery.

It is important to protect your eyes any time you are in the sun for a long period of time or in an area where there is a lot of dust. All of these things can affect your vision and potentially lead to something worse. Developing a pterygium is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. If the problem becomes serious you will need a pterygium removal.

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