Lasik® Procedure

Lasik® Procedure

San Diego LASIK Center Global Laser Vision now offers the Wavelight® Refractive Suite, the latest and greatest in laser technology. The Wavelight Refractive Suite gives our surgeon more control, resulting in maximum vision customization. The Refractive Suite is made up of two lasers to complete the LASIK procedure. The first laser, which creates the corneal flap, is called the Wavelight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser. The second laser, which makes the correction, is called the Wavelight® Ex 500 Excimer Laser. The Wavelight® Refractive Suite delivers a high level of precision, safety and high quality results with more speed and lower energy output that helps to reduce tissue inflammation.

Our Excimer Laser, paired with our Wavefront-guided technology, is customizable to your individual vision needs. The Excimer Laser, along with our Femtosecond Laser, offers our patients an even more advanced LASIK procedure than ever before.


Wavelight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser Benefits:

  • Lower energy per pulse, reducing tissue inflammation
  • Greatest speed in any laser available in the U.S. resulting in increased patient comfort and safety
  • Decreased corneal dryness
  • More precise flap creation

Excimer Laser at San Diego LASIK Center

Millions of people worldwide are already enjoying the benefits of the Wavelight® Ex 500 Excimer Laser, including thousands of eye doctors and their staff members. This new advancement in laser technology makes the LASIK surgery process simple and better than ever. Over 77,000 patients at Global Laser Vision San Diego LASIK Center have already experienced our advanced Lasik technology, and so can you! The Laser Vision Correction process is a lot easier than you may think.

You don’t have to wait until your annual eye exam, so visit San Diego’s Global Laser Vision Center today and start your steps toward your LASIK procedure. You can have laser vision correction as soon as you’re ready and eligible for it. Once you have scheduled your free LASIK consultation our staff will assist with every step of your LASIK procedure and you will be on your to better vision.

The Eye Tracking System: How does it Work?

The EX 500 Excimer Laser comes with a multi-dimensional eye tracking system which can track and compensate for eye movement – to ensure accurate placement of the beam during your LASIK procedure.

The WaveLight® Laser’s cool, variable sized laser beam allows micron size reshaping, just like a fine brush is used for details when painting a picture.

This Excimer laser can treat very low to moderately high degrees of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Also, for many patients who had large pupils, thin corneas or other contraindications and could not receive laser vision correction, can now be good candidates thanks to new surgical techniques that now allow them to enjoy the benefits of clear vision without dependence on glasses and contact lenses.

Excimer Laser at San Diego LASIK Center

Introducing Custom Optimized LASIK here in San Diego.

How does the Excimer Laser by WaveLight® Work?

The Excimer laser makes pulses of invisible ultraviolet light. Each pulse of light removes a microscopic layer from the front surface of the cornea, changing the curvature of the cornea ever so slightly.

Only a very small amount of tissue is removed, usually less than the thickness of a hair. Low amounts of nearsightednessfarsightedness or astigmatism will require smaller amounts of tissue removal, and larger corrections will require greater amounts.

Will the Excimer Laser bring me Custom Optimized LASIK?

Chances are several of your friends and family are already experiencing the joys of living without dependency on glasses or contact lenses as a result of laser vision correction. You have heard the excitement in their voices, noticed the boost in their confidence and watched the quality of their lives improve with new-found freedoms from reducing their dependency on contacts and glasses. It’s very probable that they had a conventional LASIK procedure or PRK in order to achieve their superb results. Recently, something has changed in the field of laser vision correction that makes the procedure safer and with even better visual results!

Custom Optimized LASIK in San Diego

Now, a majority of people undergoing the Custom Optimized Lasik procedure with the WaveLight® Refractive Suite are experiencing fewer problems with night vision and a greater number of people are achieving 20/20 vision. The changes have come with new technological advances in the instrument that gathers the information that drives the laser correction, combined with advances in the laser. The new technological advancement in the instrument that gathers the information is a combination of Topography and Wavefront-guided technology. This innovative procedure utilizing these two new technological advancements is called customized optimized laser vision correction. The procedure claims its name because the treatment corrects not only myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism as it previously did, but it now corrects the other 100% unique imperfections of your eye. Now it’s important to understand that the LASIK procedure and PRK procedures themselves have not changed, but rather the way we gather information for your correction, and in the laser we use during these procedures.

Heavy patient demand for laser vision correction has inspired laser manufacturers and surgeons to make tremendous advancements in both Excimer laser technology and surgical techniques. When laser vision correction was first performed in 1988, only low to moderately nearsighted patients without astigmatism could be treated. It’s the process of reshaping your cornea to address both lower and higher order aberrations using a laser vision correction procedure.

On the day of your procedure, a new advancement in LASIK technology the wavefront map and topography-guided technology containing the aberrations of your eye is aligned with the surface of your cornea. Once aligned, the excimer laser eye tracker guides the spot laser beam to precisely reshape your cornea. The excimer laser is one of few laser systems which can maintain this precise alignment while reshaping your cornea in the exact pattern defined by your personalized wavefront map.

Initial Examination for Lasik Candidacy

Your eye care professional can conduct a thorough examination to determine whether your eyes are healthy and suitable for the procedure. Your eyes will then be photographed and a computerized map (corneal topography) will be created. This “map” will assess the shape of your cornea and is one of the many diagnostic tests the doctor uses to help plan your procedure.

Post Procedure Vision

Vision usually improves immediately after treatment for most patients, although it’s normal that some patients may experience small visual changes during the first several months. Two or three days may be recommended before returning to work.

LASIK Procedure Surgery

Global Laser Vision team has performed over 77,000 laser eye surgery procedure. We are the premier location for a LASIK procedure with our skillful ophthalmologist. Our LASIK surgeon has been named as one of the best surgeons to perform the laser eye surgery procedure. Since no two eyes are the same, our cornea and refractive LASIK procedure surgery specialist offer a range of laser eye surgery options. These options include PRK or Custom Optimized LASIK with eye-tracker technology. The LASIK procedure comes with many benefits associated with the laser eye surgery. Some benefits from a LASIK surgery procedure include fewer chances of complications, minimal to no pain and a majority of patients can return to work the very next day to continue their normal routine. Before having your LASIK surgery procedure, our eye care specialists will conduct a preliminary exam to determine whether you are a good candidate for a LASIK procedure or not. If you are eligible for a laser eye surgery procedure, you will arrive on the day of surgery and receive LASIK procedure steps from our lovely staff. The initial LASIK surgery procedure takes approximately five minutes per eye. Once the laser eye surgery procedure has been completed, most patients see immediate improvement in their vision. There will be post-op LASIK procedure steps in how to care for your eyes post-surgery. After the LASIK surgery procedure, the LASIK surgeon will prescribe antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops for your eyes. It is highly detrimental that you use the eye drops as per doctor’s orders as soon as you have completed your LASIK surgery procedure. The eye drops will help prevent infections and control any discomfort after your laser eye surgery procedure. One of the most important of the LASIK procedure steps is to rest your eyes for four hours immensely after the LASIK procedure. The first four hours after the LASIK procedure are the most detrimental. It’s essential that you rest your eyes for those four hours after your LASIK procedure so the flap may seal over, and for your vision to correct.

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