Top Five Reasons To Have LASIK Eye Surgery
Jan 09th, 2014 - Blog

The Benefits Of Lasik

If you are looking for a reason to have LASIK surgery, how about five good ones? There are far more reasons that LASIK can be a great option for patients, but here are the top five reasons most people give for wanting LASIK.

Top 5 reasons to have Laser Eye Surgery

  1. It pays for itself. It is true that the initial cost of LASIK can seem somewhat high. However, if you are purchasing contact lenses, glasses, cleaning solutions and other items to correct your vision, as well as having to change your prescription every few years, you will find that the up-front cost of LASIK is soon absorbed by your spending. Also, many insurance companies may now pay for a portion of the cost of LASIK and many Flexible Spending Account or FSA funds can also be used to pay for these costs.
  2. Sports become more enjoyable. Wearing glasses or contacts is a problem if you swim or engage in contact sports. Athletes often notice a great improvement in their game when they have LASIK, primarily because they are no longer worried about breaking their glasses or losing a contact lens.
  3. Fewer infections. Infections from contact lenses are one of the most common reasons people visit an eye doctor. Even if you are very careful with your contact lenses it is still possible to transfer germs into your eyes simply because you must handle the lenses in order to put them in or take them out. LASIK means the end of eye infections, scratched corneas and other problems associated with handling contact lenses.
  4. Comfort. Anyone who wears glasses or contact lenses is in for a certain amount of discomfort. Glasses can cause headaches and can press on the nose, ears and face, causing irritation to the skin. Contacts can make your eyes dry, tired and sore. Once you have LASIK, you never have to worry about contacts or glasses again, and your eyes feel completely “natural.”
  5. Better vision. The most important reason to have LASIK is to improve your vision, and many patients find that their vision after LASIK surgery is better than it was with corrective lenses. This is because LASIK surgery allows the doctor to make individual adjustments to the eye that are simply not possible with prescription lenses.

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