Wavefront Lasik Technology
Jan 02nd, 2013 - Blog

New Lasik Technology: Perfect Your Vision

Wavefront laser eye surgery

Wavefront LASIK is an enhanced version of LASIK refractive surgery. Wavefront surgery can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism and allows surgeons to ensure that they are providing each patient with customized surgery. In fact, this surgery can often eliminate common challenges patients have had with LASIK surgery, including nighttime glare. Surgeons have performed this procedure for nearly a decade. Millions of Wavefront LASIK surgeries have been successfully performed since it was approved by the FDA for commercial use in 2002. This surgery may not be appropriate for patients with thin corneas, extremely dry eyes or other eye conditions but our surgeons will work with you to find the best solution for you.

Global Laser Vision is at the forefront of the vision correction industry and is able to maintain their standing as a leader in LASIK technology in part because we do not rent our equipment like many other offices. We own and maintain all of our own equipment, which allows us to ensure that we always have access to the latest technology for our patients.

Are you a goog candidate for Lasik?

For instance, our pre-operative testing includes the use of Wavefront sensors to determine the exact amount of correction needed to obtain optimal results. This is the most accurate method of evaluating the refractive error. The most noted difference in the older LASIK technology and Wavefront LASIK technology is the reduction in the amount of glare (“halo effect”) following surgery. The ability of the Wavefront system to correct higher-order aberrations is instrumental in improving contrast sensitivity and night vision problems.

The only way to know whether you are a candidate for the Wavefront LASIK procedure is to have a complete eye exam by a qualified ophthalmologist. At GLV, we will make sure you have the highest possible potential for improved vision through our advanced LASIK services. Give us a call at 1-800-438-5274 to set up a consultation. Our professional staff will be glad to answer any of your questions!

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