What to expect going into Lasik surgery
Jan 18th, 2016 - Blog Uncategorized

Don’t let fear cloud you from seeing life clearly!

There are many questions that patients want to know before getting the LASIK procedure. Sometimes patients are confused about what the Lasik procedure is and what to expect from it. There are three main concerns that patients have when deciding to have the Lasik procedure done:

1) Is Lasik for everyone?

2) Does Lasik hurt?

3) What should I expect when going into Lasik surgery?

Am I a good candidate for lasik eye surgery?

If you are a healthy individual and have a stable prescription, chances are high that you may be a good candidate for Lasik. It’s essential that you come in for a consultation to see if you are the right candidate for Lasik. During the consultation, doctors will perform a general eye exam to see if your eyes are healthy and qualify for laser vision correction. The second step to the consultation is meeting with the financial coordinator who will go over payment options with you. The third step is simply booking your LASIK procedure date and preparing for that wonderful day.

Does Lasik hurt?

Although, the actual surgery itself is painless, the days following the surgery you may feel a slight discomfort in your eye. The Lasik procedure is performed within five minutes on each eye. Patients have commented on only feeling a slight pressure on the eye for about 30 seconds. Numbing drops will be administered prior to the surgery; the doctor will check the numbness of your eye before initiating the Lasik procedure. So, does lasik hurt? No, the surgery is painless and you might only feel a slight pressure.

What should I expect when going into surgery?

If you are a good candidate for Lasik, a date will be set for your Lasik procedure. The day of surgery, you will arrive to our clinic and have a quick eye exam. The doctor will double check the prescription and make sure your eyes are in tip-top shape.


The surgeon will be giving you directions to look to ensure optimal results from your Lasik procedure. Do not be afraid of the laser, as it will automatically follow your eye. The flap is made first, and the laser will correct your vision. Each Lasik procedure takes about five minutes.

After your vision has been corrected, the surgeon will check your eyes once more. Plastic eye caps will be placed over your eyes, to protect them from outside environments. It’s essential that you listen to your surgeons directions for post-operative instructions. You will be given anti-biotic drops and anti-inflammatory drops that should be taken as advised. Be sure to rest your eyes the first four hours after surgery to ensure optimal healing. You will then be scheduled to come in the following day for a post-op exam to check the overall healing process of your eye.

The Lasik procedure is quick and painless. Don’t let your fears prevent you from obtaining the most out of life. The surgeon will walk you through the process the whole time and the staff will assist you through the process. Don’t go in surgery thinking you are on your own, you have a surgeon and a whole staff right behind you; working to ensure that your Lasik procedure experience is 100% positive. If you have concerns or comments, be sure to ask them during your consultation. There is always an answer to a question that the staff or surgeon will have for you. Enjoy your life to the fullest and always remember: “Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid. Courage means you don’t let fear stop you.” –Bethany Hamilton

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