Why Do Women Choose Lasik Eye Surgery Over Contact Lenses?
Jul 21st, 2014 - Blog

In the U.S. there are estimated to be 36 million contact lens wearers and two-thirds being female. If you happen to be one of these 36 million, you may be struggling with taking the proper daily steps for caring for your contact lenses. You know the drill: First, wash your hands with soap and water and thoroughly dry with a clean towel. Next, gently take the contact lens out of your eye, apply solution and gently clean the lenses with the pads of your fingers for 30 seconds. Open up your contact lens case, fill both sides with solution, and finally, lightly drop your contact lenses into the solution. Repeat this process every time you sleep, shower or swim. In order to properly care for your contacts, and to avoid any long term vision damage, all these steps should be taken accordingly.

For women who wear makeup, caring for contact lenses becomes a bit more complicated. Women should make sure to put contact lenses in before applying makeup, and should make sure to take them out before removing makeup. Even, if you are taking these proper steps, there are still other factors that can irritate, dry out or infect your contact lenses. How many women have been blinded by an eyelash that has been coated in their favorite, voluminous mascara? Or has had their favorite eye shadow fall into their eye, and under their contact lens, creating irritation and a cataract effect? If not treated properly, all these factors could lead to future vision damage. Want an easier solution to contact lenses? LASIK eye surgery may be just what you have been longing for!

LASIK: The Alternative to Contact Lenses

Forgetting, misplacing, rubbing, tearing, scratching, losing, itching, these are only a few words that could describe wearing contact lenses. Laser vision correction is a great alternative to wearing contact lenses. Could you imagine, never having to worry about irritating your eyes while applying makeup? Never having to constantly put in or take out a foreign object from your eyes on a daily basis? How about, waking up without stumbling to find your contact lenses in order to see your surroundings? Lasik eye surgery can provide all these positive, life changing opportunities plus more!

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