Am I Too Young or Too Old For LASIK?
Feb 01st, 2014 - Blog

Age Factor in Lasik

18 years of age or older

There is no upper limit cutoff with age in LASIK as long as the eye is healthy.  As for the younger population, after the age of 18 LASIK can be considered, granted the degree of the patients prescription has remained stable for at least two years prior to the procedure.  As for the older population, certain medical conditions such as cataracts need to be ruled out before proceeding with the Lasik surgery.  A few other things we look for are macular health, (to rule out macular degeneration) and the overall general health of the eyes.   If the eyes are found to be healthy and no underlying disease or complications are noted and the prescription is stable, then LASIK can be a valid option in any patient over the age of 18.

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